CanDev systems is a technology research, design and development technology provider.  We continuously invest in innovative ideas that can be applied in the real world so that we can keep our customers competitive and operating at peak efficiency. Our development teams can help you design and develop the modern systems your organization needs to best serve your customers.

Mobile Applications

CanDev Systems specializes in providing industry specific mobile application solutions. Our mobile application development team are cross-platform programming specialists, as well as industry-specific experts with experience in building mobile payment, scheduling, reporting, location tracking applications and much more.

iOS App Development Team

CanDev Systems develops native iOS apps for the complete suite of mobile Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches (watchOS). Our experts are well established with the iOS development environment and are required to be proficient with Swift and Objective-C, as well as frameworks like the iOS SDK, Xcode and Cocoa Controls.

Android App Development Team

CanDev Systems has years of experience building industry-specific business mobile applications for Android, leveraging the full power of the Android OS and device-specific features. Our Android development team knows their way around the most recent Android platform and API bundles, as well as Java, Kotlin, C++ and development tools like Android Studio and the Eclipse IDE.  CanDev Systems Android developers design, code, upgrade and deploy to the Google Play Store our industry-specific mobile applications on a regular basis.

Desktop Programs

CanDev systems designs, develops and continuously upgrades our multiple desktop software management platforms.  Our developers are trained to primarily focus on data security before any other design requirement would be considered.  Our design process involves the initial open idea, framework, development, testing, and debugging.  Our desktop program development team applies the latest techniques and technology to build the most agile, versatile and flexible systems.  Our program team is proficient in PHP, Phython, Java script, C, Dot Net, and SQL.  

Hardware Integration

CanDev Systems development team applies processes to combine software and hardware components into one system and ensure that they function together properly as designed. Our integration team uses a variety of techniques such as virtual systems modeling, process mapping and manual programming to ensure a perfect synergy between system components.  Whether it’s legacy systems, custom systems, or modern systems, the CanDev integration team is up for the challenge.  CanDev integration team can apply vertical, horizontal, and star integration.