To join the CanDev network, you must first select and register with a local CanDev Systems dealer. Your software dealer will be responsible for onboarding, integration, data migration, training and support. The list below will provide you with dealer information on where and who can provide you with support. Each separate branch of your business may require its own CanDev dealer depending on the locations.
Adam Cregan
Cregan Management Solutions Inc.
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa
Cellphone: (613) 897-4079
Lucas Szotek
Grata Inc.
Canada, Ontario, Brampton
Office: (416) 410-5800
Raphael Rosch

Canada, Ontario, Scarborough
Office: (416) 736-0525
Saba Ali
SA Consulting Inc.
Canada, Ontario, Markham
Office: (437) 219-5871