The CanDev system is designed to keep all the content it manages highly confidential and secure. Some of the measures in place to keep that information confidential and secure are as follows:

• Proprietary source code software,
• In-house servers with very limited access,
• User access mapping,
• 3 layers of firewalls,
• Multiple encryption layers,
• User behavior monitoring,
• Limiting access to profiles,
• Limiting IP address access,
• Continuous monitoring of all activities,
• Limiting certain access to information to work hours only,
• Giving superiors access to search activities of subordinates.

Access to CanDev records are restricted to authorized users only who are licensed by the governing authority to perform security and investigative tasks and prohibited to the general public. 

The information contained in this system is proprietary, private, confidential and classified.  Information available to authorized users are not to be made public at any time as the information provided may be part of an ongoing police investigation. 

It is our responsibility to safeguard this information therefore at any time, if we suspect any malicious activities that may challenge this systems' integrity, we will deny your access until a full investigation is complete. You may be removed from this system at anytime without reason given. Removal of access to this system may impact your employment.

Safeguarding data is paramount to anything else we do. Data is kept in a highly secure area with the highest level of information security.  Organizations may choose to establish a backup server to ensure custody of their own data content.  CanDev does not use any third party subscription software or hardware.  All data is in the full control of CanDev and all user activity is recorded.  CanDev is aware at all times where our data is and who has access to it.

It is the user's legal responsibility to ensure that all information stays accurate and free from error. CanDev understands that this system may be subject to malicious and misleading publications. If the information that is recorded is found to be false, misleading and malicious, the author will be subject to having their access restricted which could affect their employment.

All navigations through this system will be recorded. Any attempts to challenge any of our safeguards will lead us to involve the authorities.  No information will be ever shared with anyone or organization outside the CanDev network.